“Turnaround Point” Book Launch

Turnaround Point Book by Gary GunnThere are times in our lives and business careers as auto repair shop owners that we experience a true Turnaround Point. Hey, that sounds like a great name for a book –  “Turnaround Point“! Perhaps this is a defining moment, a breakthrough, a flat-head experience, “now I have it” thinking, or “it’s about time”. I think you are getting the picture.

  • Have you experienced a Turnaround Point in owning and running your auto repair business?
  • Have you maximized your staff leadership potential?
  • Have you stacked up plenty of cash reserves?
  • Have you reached your dreams?
  • Have you ever felt chained to your business operations?
  • Have you ever felt all of this effort is not worth the hassle?
  • Have you ever told your son or daughter they should get another occupation?
  • Have you ever wondered where and how your money leaks out?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Turnaround Point?

Great news: there is a Turnaround Point! Read about it…Listen to it…Implement the strategies!

I have spent more than three decades helping auto repair shop owners experience their own Turnaround. Now it is your time the hear the message! Now it is your time to reignite your dream, get a jump start, pump up your energy, and start to believe again.

Friend, I teach the how-to for all shop owners. You must furnish the energy and the never ending quest for success; your ‘want-to’ must always be part of your own internal core. You see, I do not teach trends. I do teach the truth. Are you ready to hear the unfiltered truth?

THE Turnaround Point Book has launched! Order a hard copy, download an audio version, download a PDF as well….it’s your choice! Get your Turnaround started TODAY!