It is that time again – Time to think of holiday card and gift sending!

Time to send cards and gifts

Well, here we are.  It is just a little over a month until Thanksgiving with Christmas and New Years following just a month beyond that.  I bet I just made a few of you cringe and maybe even groan at the thought.  Do you send cards and gifts during these holidays?

I have ran into companies that make it a point to send out cards and some even send gifts to their customers, business contacts, employees, vendors and other important people in their company’s life.  These companies often spend a great deal in time and money putting the cards and gifts together and getting them out in the mail.

I have also ran into many companies that indicate that they would like to send cards and maybe even gifts to their customers, business contacts, employees, vendors and other important people in their company’s life, but don’t.  They usually don’t due to three common reasons.  First, they shy away from sending cards and gifts due to the cost of greeting cards and gifts.  Secondly, they neglect to send cards and gifts due to the time it takes to fill out and send cards and the time it takes to go pick out, buy, package and send gifts.  Finally, the whole card sending and gift sending is often inconvenient for companies, especially small to mid-sized companies.

Most people are surprised and often excited when they learn how easy, convenient and cost effective sending cards and gifts can be using the revolutionary system called SendOutCards.  Most people are amazed that they can send one, ten, hundreds, or even thousands of cards in just a few minutes from the convenience of their computer. Many people love the fact they can attach a gift to the card with just a few mouse clicks.  And SendOutCards offers this at a very affordable price.  How do they do it?  By joining other companies, like Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, in the “Brick and Mortar to Click and Order Revolution.”

To explain more about this, I would like to share a video and have Margie Aliprandi give you a quick tour of the SendOutCards Company and service.  Marge is a SendOutCards customer.  She is a top earner in a health and nutrition direct sales company plus a highly respected coach and trainer.  Margie is personally responsible for creating over 1,000 million dollar earners over her 25 year career.  She is a lady who truly understands the value of relationships and the power of “pictures, gifts and the written word” in building, maintaining and strengthening those relationships.  Here she is to share SendOutCards in her own words…


If you would like to see how SendOutCards can help with your holiday card and gift sending, contact Turnaround Tour ShopPros today and have one of our team members give you a first-hand look at the system that is changing lives and the way people do business. Also, be sure to catch one of Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s Tomato Project webinars to learn how to use SendOutCards, and many other tools, to create top of mind awareness through others.  You can also catch all the Tomato Buzz in our Tomato Project Library.  You can visit the library by clicking here.

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