The Valley of Vision

What is your vision while in the valley?The valley of vision speaks of the distance from your mind to your actions. What you think creates your actions. What you think creates what you can accomplish. What you think is your strongest ally or distractor. How can you control the distance? Shorten the time? Close the gap? Jump the valley? How can you fill your thinking with what it needs to create your best actions?

I was reading You Squared Chapter 9 this morning. It was about focusing on ends rather than means. The phrase and concept of a quantum leap runs goosebumps up and down my arms. Sign me up – I am ALL in! Here is a sentence that caught my eye: If you have the answers and structure and certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap.

Don’t you just love the risk taking, hip-shooting and making it up as you go? Uncertainty has its rewards. It’s loaded with rocks to jump over in the valley. Allow some disorder in the vision.

Don’t get too concerned about the step-by-step or how to make it happen. Remember your quantum leap, by definition, means moving into uncharted valley, with no map or guide. You draw up the plans as you go. Just keep your eyes on the prize and where you are going to land.

The Valley of Vision List for 2016

  1. Double your car count
  2. Double you gross profit
  3. Double your net profit
  4. Double your tech staff
  5. Double your front office staff
  6. Double your time off
  7. Double your customer list

The key is not to get in the way. Don’t let your thinking mess up your destination.

During our Shop Tip and Showcase 2016 Success Journey we are going to explore something we cannot see our thinking by using three resources. Do you have your copies yet?

  1. You Squared (I will send you this one FREE – just ask)
  2. Go for No by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
  3. Flight of the Buffalo by James Belasco & Ralph Stayer

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