The Prime Fishing Pond

Andy and Opie found the right fishing hole!During my many years in this auto repair industry, I have found a few repeated issues for the leaders of the shops. Some become disappointed, some discouraged, some jaded, some give up, and some reach despair. Disappointment is not fatal to leadership. It goes with the territory. Indeed, part of what qualifies a person to lead is the ability to cope positively with criticism, mistakes and failures that create disappointments.

If you cannot take the arrows of disappointment, you cannot lead.

Wait, stay with me. Disappointment differs from discouragement; disappointment is a learning experience while discouragement is a giving up attitude. As a leader you must carry the badge of disappointment, not discouragement.

Ready to go fishing?

Do you own a rod and reel for fishing? Do you believe you can catch more fish with more lines in the water? If so let me share the Prime Fishing Pond theory with you. When you go fishing for a technician, a service adviser, or perhaps an office person, where do you start? Stand by this pond with me for a minute or two, let’s bait 100 technician lines and 100 service adviser lines and throw them in the water with corks to watch.

Let your imagination run with me here. You have proactively collected names and contact information for all the technicians and service advisers within 50 miles of your shop. Now it’s time to start recruiting for a needed technician, contact all these corks in the water to see if they can provide you some candidates for this position. You are not trying to hire any of these people, only the people they know. Pay the $500 bounty for referring someone to your company after you hired them. I will bet you some of these corks will go under and come to work for you as time passes.

Hey, Could this be like fishing for internal customers? How many corks do you have in your prime pond? Disappointment is temporary, but discouragement is forever.

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