The Gratitude Edge – Building Relationships

What builds customer loyalty? What is it that creates customer retention? What causes customers, clients, friends and family to refer business to us? The answer to all these questions is Relationships. The smart businesses realize that no matter what service or product they are providing, it is the relationships, built and lost, that make or break a company. They also realize that keeping a customer cost 1/5 as much as going out and getting a new customer.

I have written several articles on how SendOutCards can be used to build relationships. I’ve written about building relationships with customers, with vendors, with employees and co-workers as well as family and friends. This past week, I came across a fantastic video that I wanted to share on this very topic. This is the man himself, our founder and CEO, Mr. Kody Bateman of SendOutCards talking about using our incredible system to build relationships. I hope you enjoy…

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