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Last week, Gary Gunn wrote a wonderful blog post called “Fishing in the right pond.” He addresses the problem of needing more cars. This is a problem many shops face. As Gary points out, the question becomes, “Where would you find a group of people who might be the best candidates to do business with you?”  Let us ask another question.  If all your customers that you have seen over the past year came back on a regular basis, would you still need more cars?  Would you need as many “new” customers as you feel you do now?

Gary suggests the 50/50 fishing plan. This is a fantastic idea that I believe would work in many industries and most definitely in the automotive shop arena. Simply put, it is all about fishing in your in-house data base. Using a little creativity and appreciation marketing can create a wealth of new business in the form of repeat business with those who have managed to “move on” for whatever reason.  We know from industry research that 68% of customers leave, or stop doing business with, a company due to perceived indifference. Why not let those who left know that you do care?

The 50/50 fishing plan involves taking customers you haven’t seen in 90 or more days and sending 50 of them, per week, a card expressing sincere appreciation for their past business and sincere desire to have them back. Then the 50/50 fishing plans follows up with 50 phone calls, per week, to this same group of people.

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I realize there are some automated systems out there that will send a canned card to a group of customers. However, I feel there is no better system for implementing the 50/50 fishing plan than SendOutCards. The cards are top quality and they can be fully customized and personalized. With just a few minutes work, you, or your assistant, can have 50 cards sent out each week without ever having to physically touch a card, lick an envelope or stick a stamp. This traditionally brick and mortar activity of sending cards through the postal mail has been moved to a click and order activity thanks to SendOutCards unique system.

Send you first appreciation card for free by contacting me today for a no obligation demonstration of SendOutCards. Believe me when I say, spending approximately 15 minutes to experience SendOutCards is well worth the time.

SendOutCards can be used for your business, professional and personal life. Did you know that you can monetize the system too? How does an extra stream of income sound to you?  Like to learn more? Join me for one of my Webinars. I am running these Webinars hourly on the hour all day long.  Just visit to register for the time that best fits your schedule. Please keep in mind, the Webinar times are listed in Eastern Time.

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