The Gratitude Edge

What is the “brick and mortar to click and order” revolution? It is the move that certain industries are making, thanks to the changes in modern technology, from being a service or product people go to a brick and mortar store to buy to a service people log onto the internet and click to order. A few examples of this shift can be seen with companies like Amazon, iTunes and Netflix. They used technology to move their respective industry from brick and mortar stores to a click and order internet sensation.

Would you like to be able to go back in time and buy into one of those companies while they were still young and had not hit their massive growth spurt? Of course, but that is just wishful thinking since time travel does not exist. However, consider this: These are not the only companies taking advantage of this brick and mortar to click and order revolution and the book, music and movie industries are not the only ones taking advantages of advancements in technology.

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? I have been showing the SendOutCards system for quite a while to people all around the country. Recently, while showing the SendOutCards service, I have noticed that I am finding more and more entrepreneurial types who are becoming increasingly interested in the SendOutCards opportunity. Is it any wonder? After all, the greeting card industry is a 7.5 billion dollar a year industry and when you add in the online gift buying, the numbers soar. SendOutCards is a relatively young company with very little competition and is definitely taking full advantage of advancements in technology to move the greeting card and gift giving industry from brick and mortar to click and order. Now, I don’t think people are necessarily looking to start a new business, but I do think people are looking for solutions.

So, in this installment of The Gratitude Edge, I will not tout the benefits and advantages of showing sincere appreciation and gratitude. I also will not spend time talking about the ease of the system or the cost effective way SendOutCards allows a person to celebrate life and the people in their life through pictures, gifts and the written word.  Instead, I would like to invite the entrepreneurs who read this to join one of my webinars at  These webinars will be ran hourly, on the hour, all day long.  Please keep in mind that the registration times are in Eastern Time Zone, so make the necessary adjustments to where you live. See if the SendOutCards opportunity is right for you. If not, I would love to have you as a customer. Hope to see you on one of these webinars soon!

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