The Gratitude Edge

Have you ever heard of the “Likeability Factor?”  It is actually a book written by former Chief Solution Officer for Yahoo, Tim Sanders.  I’m going to steal two quotes from Mr. Sanders. First, “Our nation is so focused on efficiency and productivity that we forget that likeability is truly our lifeline…”  The second quote is, “Likeability may well be the deciding factor in every competition you’ll ever enter.”

There has been a great deal of research conducted at major US universities on the topic of likeability.  These studies show over and over again that likeability is correlated to success in the work place.  Even a 2000 Yale University study showed that the majority of today’s successful business leaders attained their edge through likeability.

We’ve all heard that people prefer to do business with those they know, like and trust. Isn’t this the reason businesses spend so much money and time advertising?  What good is it to have a business no one knows about?  Isn’t this also why businesses hang signs speaking to their commitment to integrity and honesty? Not only do businesses hang signs, but nearly every business owner I have ever met truly wants to do an outstanding job and deliver on their promises to their customers. They know that it is through delivering on a promise and providing the best job possible that trust is built.

Sadly, my personal observation of business today is that they don’t do much to nurture that third part, the likeability part, of the “know, like and trust” mantra.  Why do you suppose this is?  Could it be that our technology, i.e., email, text messaging, social media, etc., is excellent at disseminating information quickly and easily but not good at expressing true sentiment?  Could it be that some people simply don’t know how to effectively express appreciation and gratitude in this fast paced life we all live? I do believe most business professionals and owners want to do a better job of building relationships with their clients.  I also believe there is a solution, a technology with a soft-touch, if you will.

I am, of course, talking about SendOutCards.  SendOutCards takes advantage of technology and is constantly taking advantage of advancements in technology. With SendOutCards, within minutes, you can go on-line, chose from a large selection of greeting cards, include a personal photo right in the card and also include a personal message.  SendOutCards can even create a font from your very own handwriting and capture your personal signature to include in the message in the cards. Combine that with the ability to attach a gift and you have, what I feel, is the perfect relationship building tool. With SendOutCards’ on-line greeting card and gifting service, you can take advantage of the power of appreciation and gratitude through pictures, gift and the written word.  We’ve taken this concept from brick and mortar to click and order and I would love to take you on a “test drive” of the system today. Let us help you remember gratitude in your daily life, visit and contact me today!