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OK. If you have read any of my posts, you know that SendOutCards allows its users to create customized greeting cards and send them through the postal mail from the convenience of their computer.  We have a huge selection of pre-made greeting cards that you can customize with your own message and photos.  We also have the ability to create unique one of a kind greeting cards.  SendOutCards prints, stuffs, stamps, addresses, verifies and mails these cards for a fraction of the cost a greeting card would cost in a brick and mortar store.

I want to focus on gift giving this week. When it comes to building relationships, strengthening relationships and maintaining relationships, there are some life events where a card and a simple message is nice, but a gift would be better.  SendOutCards has offered gift giving as one of its services for a while now, but this year it has taken it to a new level.  SendOutCards is revolutionizing the way people send greeting cards and gifts.

Gift giving is a great expression of appreciation and a wonderful way to celebrate life and the people in our lives.  Most people already give gifts to our children, parents and siblings for their birthdays and possibly other holidays.  Why do we do that?  Because we want them to know that they are special to us.  The savvy business person understands the power of letting people know that they are special.  With SendOutCards gifting options, the next time a co-worker, employee, long time customer or even a family member or friend has a baby, you can use SendOutCards to quickly and conveniently send that person a Congratulations card along with a beautiful gift or gift basket like these:

Little BoysLittle Girls








I think there are many times when a gift is appropriate for showing someone how much we care and how much they mean to us.  Can you think of other occasions when you might want to send a gift to a family member, friend, co-worker, employee, business associate, key customer or client?  How about deaths in the family or births?  How about when they graduate or have some other significant achievement in their life?  How about marriage and anniversaries?  How about promotions and advancements?  How about referrals that result in big business?  How about when someone you care about is feeling down and needs a pick me up?  Whatever the reason, SendOutCards can turn a few minutes at your computer, pointing and clicking, into a memory in the making.  Imagine spending 10 minutes and sending a custom greeting card and gifts like these:

WomenSunshinePopcornBBQHealthy foodBirthday




















SendOutCards is also offering some unique wrapping options.

SOC BoxPacking option








You can see all the gifts at

Better than that, if you would indulge me with about 20 minutes of your time, over the phone, I would be willing to set you up with a free SendOutCards account along with credits for a few cards.  All that I ask is that you allow me to walk you through sending a card through our system, to the person of your choice, and show you the various ways a person can get started using SendOutCards.  I welcome you to contact me anytime at or call me on our 800# at 800-233-8551 ext 12  I am available to show you this system during work hours, over lunch or after hours, whatever works best for you.  Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes to see what this system can do for you and your business? You may also learn more at