The Gratitude Edge

How important is gratitude? Well, according to a national survey by the John Templeton Foundation, gratitude is very important. For instance, 90% of those polled agreed that grateful people are more fulfilled, lead richer lives, and are more likely to have friends. 95% said that for parents to teach their children to be grateful was important. Interestingly, 93% agreed that grateful bosses were more likely to be successful. I think it’s also note worthy to report that less than 1% selected the response “I think gratitude is unnecessary.”

In our culture, we are expected to teach our children to express gratitude and say Thank You.  For the most part, people say thanks to family members, at school and in most public settings. However, the survey by the Templeton Foundation found that people are least likely to feel and express gratitude at work than anywhere else. And it’s not that people don’t crave gratitude at work. There are many studies that report that feeling appreciated often out ranks money for job satisfaction. The Templeton Foundation study found that only 10% of the people acted on feelings of gratitude in the workplace, which, of course, means 90% ignored their prompting to reach out in kindness.

People desire to be appreciated. It is a basic human need. Yet, we find that only about 10% of employers are good at expressing gratitude to their employees.  We also find that expressing gratitude to customers and clients is a key characteristic of the top 10% of sales people and just about every other field too. Are you a 10%’er? Do you have happy, loyal employees and customers? Is keeping them happy and loyal important to you? Gratitude and appreciation can go a long way towards building employee and customer loyalty. Building a culture of appreciation can be a game changer within a business and SendOutCards can be a great part of that culture.

SendOutCards, as a company, is built on a culture of appreciation. We believe in celebrating life and the people in our lives through pictures, gifts and the written word.  We believe that the time to say nice things about people is now, while they are with us, not after they are dead and in a casket.  Visit and then contact me to take a “test drive” of the SendOutCards system and learn how the system can become a significant part of your appreciation marketing program.