The Benefits of Getting Personal

Relationship marketing is about to get personal!

I was thinking about some of my most common objections I hear when it comes to the idea of sending personalized greeting cards to customers, vendors, business associates and employees.  One I hear quite often is a shop owner telling me they are spending a small fortune of advertising already and do not see the value of adding personalized greeting cards into their budget.  I can understand their pain and reluctance.  Advertising can eat up a large portion of a company’s revenue and it does not always produce the way we had hoped.

Many companies relentlessly send promotional marketing material such as postcards, brochures, coupons, ads and the like. A personalized greeting card is a nice change of pace for your customers and it creates some benefits no other advertising can offer.  Let me stress thought, these benefits require the cards sent be truly personal; maybe a nice, or funny, picture or quote on the front of the card and a real message written inside.  It is perfectly ok to add photos of your shop or staff on the inside of the card, but the message needs to be real communication, not a sales pitch.

Why Get Personal?

So, what are the benefits of getting personal using personalized greeting cards? First, personalized greeting cards are a great way to target your existing database and recapture old business. Most businesses have a sizable number of contacts in your database that are no longer coming into your shop.  Instead of the typical marketing strategy of offering discounts or deals, why not try a personalized greeting card? This would put your name in front of them and let them know you were thinking of them. When they receive the card, they will certainly be thinking of you.

With personal greeting cards, you create a memorable impression of you and your business. Customers appreciate an interaction with you and your company that is not “marketing;” per se. Strong memories are usually tied to emotions.  Personalized greeting cards can create an emotional response that gets tied to you and your shop.  When you send a personal card, especially one with a nice photo, quote and such on the front cover, there is a good chance it will get displayed.  Many people and companies display cards they receive. Compare this to the shelf life of a typical ad!

Greeting cards also are also great to announce corporate milestones. Let customers know what you and your shop have accomplished. Examples include anniversary milestones, money raised for a good cause, invitations to customer appreciation days or any company milestone.  People like to feel included in things. Why not include your customers and contacts in your company celebrations?

Finally, nearly all books on business success mention the benefits of gratitude.  We tend to get what we focus on. Expressing gratitude helps us focus on, and attract more of, what we are grateful for. Not to mention, your customers, like everyone else, love to feel appreciated.

SendOutCards is the top-of-the-line platform for sending personal greeting cards and gifts right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  With SendOutCards, sending real cards and gifts through the mail is convenient, fun, quick, easy and cost effective.  No more keeping stacks of cards on hand.  No more running to the store or post office to get cards, gifts and stamps. No more standing in lines to purchase cards, gifts and stamps.  No more remembering to get those cards and gifts into the post box.  No more envelopes to lick.  See how SendOutCards and our new Sendcere platform have revolutionized card and gift sending. Contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros today. Have a team member take you on a “test drive” of the system and see for yourself why people everywhere are choosing SendOutCards for their Relationship Marketing Platform.

I would like to leave you with a quote from Mr. Henry Ford: “A business absolutely devoted to Customer Service Excellence will have only one worry about profits… They will be embarrassingly large.”

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