Rhythms of Auto Shop Ownership

What’s easy to do but easy not to do? Adopting, adapting, learning, implementing, embracing, taking the time, and buying in to using, continuing and making these rhythms happen.

Cheetah Leadership

The most majestic African cheetah is known for reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour in short bursts. However, it doesn’t do so well over distances. A news report form the BBC reports that four members of a northeast Kenyan village actually outran two cheetahs in a four-mile footrace. What was the need? What was [...]

Freedom of Contentment

Think about some circumstances in your automotive repair shop that you would change. What would you enhance, improve, abolish, move forward, delete, paint over, dig around, do away with, stomp on, give away or modify? Are you frustrated? Worried? Angry? Reconciled? Mystified? Living with it? Submissive? Permissive? Would you like to experience freedom of contentment [...]