Tide Auto Repair

The auto repair tide is rising, rolling, wetting, drenching, us as the tide did to King Canute. No matter what we do or say the tide is more powerful than we are.

The Valley of Vision

The valley of vision speaks of the distance from your mind to your actions. What you think creates your actions. What you think creates what you can accomplish. What you think is your strongest ally or distractor. How can you control the distance? Shorten the time? Close the gap? Jump the valley? How can you [...]

Want to Avoid Shifting into Reverse?

Are you shifting into reverse? Two of Australia’s indigenous creatures, kangaroos and emus, have something in common: they seldom move backward. Kangaroos, because of the shape of their body and the length of their strong tails, can bounce along with forward movement. However, they cannot shift easily into reverse gear. Emus can run very fast on [...]