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Surprise! Hiring and recruiting can be easier than you expect.

Surprise! Hiring and recruiting can be easier than you expect.

Has a surprise like the following ever happened to you? On a crowded commuter train, an early morning rider shoved and insulted a fellow passenger who got in his way. It was the kind of unfortunate and mindless moment that usually remains unresolved. However, later that day, the unexpected happened. The business manager later sent a quick message to his social media friends. “Guess who just showed up for a job interview?” When his explanation appeared on the Internet, several of his followers all over the world winced and smiled.

Imagine walking into a job interview, only to discover that the person who greets you is the one you had shoved and sworn at earlier that day. What if a technician walking into an interview with you acted like a complete rear end during a training session you had attended together?

Maybe a service advisor candidate walked in whose bad reputation preceded them. You heard through another shop owner that they were not the person to hire. He or she practiced bad karma, was disruptive, and had a know it all attitude, according to your peer.

Now, let’s say someone is walking into a job interview whom you had previously fired sixty days ago. They come in, boldy explaining that they have changed their ways. How should you react in these situations?

Surprise! There is an easy hiring system!

Wouldn’t it help to have a job position pre-planning form thoughtfully filled out? It could be based on the hiring criteria you have selected, matching them to the job before the candidate ever gets to the interview stage.

This form would have the right questions preselected to ask the candidate before they ever get to the interview. It would even have a simple attitude survey you you can link them to before you meet in person.

We offer the most complete automotive preparing, attracting, hiring and retaining system ever assembled. How much would that be worth to you? What would you be willing to pay?

Surprise! It’s more affordable than you might think! Contact us today for the solution!

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