“Stuck in the Mud” Automotive

Is your auto repair shop "stuck in the mud"?

Is your auto repair shop “stuck in the mud”?

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you where spinning your wheels? Have you ever felt clueless? Have you ever felt weary? Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Perhaps you are experiencing “stuck in the mud” automotive syndrome.

I would like to share a story with you to make my point. A couple went to lay a wreath the wife’s parent’s grave. On the way there, her husband eased the car off the road to let another car pass. It had been raining for weeks and the ground was soaked. When they were ready to leave the graveyard, they discovered that their car was stuck. The wheels spun, sinking further and further into the mud.

They were not going anywhere without a push; they needed help! At a distance they saw two young men. The men responded cheerfully to their frantic waves and shouts. They were saved from being stuck and back on the road again.

Automotive shop leadership without breaking a sweat will give you the push to be released from the mud.

Leadership without breaking a sweat is a concept that works. It only works, though, if you are willing to implement ALL FIVE proven tools:

  1. Staff Mentoring Session
  2. Staff Behavior Session
  3. Staff Training Session
  4. Staff Potential Session
  5. “Working On It” Tuesday

Freedom from the mud will happen over time, as you become a systemic leader. These are the FIVE silver leadership bullets we have discovered to help this syndrome disappear.

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