“Spilling Through Your Fingers” Auto Service

Water spilling through fingersI would love to share this analogy regarding water spilling through one’s fingers. If this applies to you, then please do something about it. Soon, it may be too late.

After Jim clumsily knocked over his glass on the restaurant table, his beverage spilled. It then cascaded over the edge and onto the floor below.  Out of sheer entrancement, Jim tried to catch the waterfall with cupped hands.  His efforts were largely unsuccessful; most of his beverage rushed through his fingers. In the end, Jim’s upturned palms held little more than a meager tablespoon each, while his feet stood in puddles.

Running an auto repair shop feels similar some days, months and years. You most likely find yourself scrambling to put out fires, solve staff issues, oversee forgotten details, and controlling circumstances so you will end up with profitable and the reality for becoming financially fit.

Perhaps like Jim and his water issue above, you have a lot of money coming in and it is spilling through your fingers. All you have left is a tablespoon, or dry hands.

No matter how hard you may try, your feeble hands are now incapable of managing your revenues and costs. You just can’t create a profit or stack up cash.  Something invariably spills through your fingers and then pools on the floor at your feet. You are left simply overwhelmed. No amount of contorting your hands or squeezing your fingers more tightly allows you to hold more water in your hands.

Remember these axioms to prevent spilling

  • Get paid, for what you know NOT what you do.
  • Face your FEARS and ask for more money on each and every service and repair.
  • Stop cutting costs in order to make more money.

Find someone who can help guide you immediately, because time is of the essence.

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