Small Fire Auto Service

Great Fire of London 1666

Tame your tongue, or you could start a great fire in your own auto repair shop!

“Small fire,” you say? It was a dark Sunday night in September. Most of the townspeople were fast asleep when a small fire broke out in Thomas Farriner’s family bakery on Pudding Lane. Soon, the flames began spreading from house to house. Before long, the entire city of London was engulfed in flames by the Great Fire of 1666. Over 70,000 of London’s residents were left homeless and desperate by the blaze, which went on to level four-fifths of the city. So much destruction came from such a small fire 351 years ago.

The tongue is a small part of the body, but it can set a huge fire with just a small spark.

As leaders, perhaps we can learn a few lessons about controlling the tongue. Isn’t it time that we stop lighting these small fires with our words? We could stand to avoid a few brush fires, or even bonfires! Maybe it is time that we learn a lesson about how not to start fires altogether.

The fires I am talking about could be the ones sparking, smoldering, and heating up among your staff. I could just as well be referring to fires between you and your people. The fires I am talking about could also be with a customer.

As leaders, we must be aware of the small fires, brush fires, sparks and embers floating around us. We must put them all out before they grow into towering bonfires.

Here are some fireproofing leadership tools to use:

  • SMS – Staff Mentoring Session
  • STS – Staff Training Sessions
  • SPS – Staff Potential Sessions
  • SBS – Staff Behavior Session

Would you like to learn more about these leadership tools? Just email me for more information, free of charge!

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