Slack Tide Leadership

A full moon over the ocean

I find it fascinating to consider the pull of the moon on our great oceans, which creates high and low tides. At the changing of the tide, there is a brief period of time called “slack tide” when the water is neither high nor low. According to scientists, this is when the water is “unstressed.” It is a quiet pause before the surging of tidal flow begins again.

Slack Tide Leadership Discovery

“Slack Tide Leadership” is when you are doing nothing about something. Or in simple terms it’s not rocking the boat. Perhaps you are ignoring the surging tide and not acting. Maybe you are putting your head in the sand and hoping it will take care of itself. If you are unstressed because you are doing nothing about nothing you are experiencing slack tide leadership.

What leadership responsibilities are pulling on you today? Do these feel like the changing of the tide? Perhaps you are in the low tide, in between where you want to be? Low tide leadership is when you are deciding to decide about something. Indecision just does not work. High tide leadership is when you have made the decision and move forward.

Remember this motto: If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.

Do any of these sound familiar? “Slack Tide Need to Check List”

  1. Need to hire another service adviser – but don’t
  2. Need to upgrade a staff member – but don’t
  3. Need to start opening on Saturday’s – but don’t
  4. Need to take Tuesday each week and work on my business – but don’t
  5. Need to budget – but don’t
  6. Need to raise my labor rate – but don’t
  7. Need to release a family member – but don’t
  8. Need to coach a behavior – but don’t
  9. Need to build you how-to manual – but don’t
  10. Need to do staff training sessions weekly – but don’t
  11. Need to do staff potential session weekly – but don’t
  12. Needed to do staff behavior session – but don’t
  13. Need to do staff potential session weekly – but don’t

So, what’s it going to be – low tide, high tide or slack tide?

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