Silver Bullet Leadership

Find your Silver Bullet and take aim!I was talking to a shop owner some years ago. He was so happy and felt he had found the silver bullet. His silver bullet had been completed. He hired a writer to create and document all of his operating systems, then had his how-to manual completed. Now all he had to do was have his people read it and bingo! All his issues would be fixed. His shop would run without him and his people would always refer to the manual. They would never ask him questions again. What do you think happened? Were his people self-sufficient? Did they understand and execute the systems so eloquently written in his manual?

His great discovery was his how-to silver bullet was not the bullet he hoped and dreamed of. It was not what he had and strategically planned for.

His mind was perplexed, bewildered, and befuddled. He went seeking a solution. That’s when he gave me a call, and shared with me his dilemma. I listened to his rant about how his people would not follow and use the systems.

Then I asked, “Are you open for a suggestion?” A long pause occurred on the phone. “Well,” finally he said, “I guess so.”

Finding the real Silver Bullet – the STS

We talked about what he thought would be a fix for his silver bullet to payoff. His many suggestions were good and sounded like they may work. Then he asked me the magic question. “Gary, when I was in your coaching program many years ago there was something you called a STS. What did that stand for?”

I replied, “Staff Training Session.” He said, “Tell me more, refresh my memory, educate me once again. Explain how it works.” He was now ready to learn and listen.

He had a flat head experience and replied, “This is what I remember about the STS”:

  1. It’s once per week
  2. It lasts for 20 minutes
  3. It has 10 key systems
  4. It’s forever
  5. It’s…he wanted a copy of the SOP explaining or more so I emailed him one.


  1. SMS – Staff Mentoring Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 8.28.15
  2. SPS – Staff Potential Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.4.15
  3. SBS – Staff Behavior Sessions…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.11.15
  4. STS – Staff Training Session…find out more in Shop Tip for 9.18.15

I invite you to stay tuned up with our Shop Tips next week for STS – Staff Training Sessions.

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