Showcase: “Turnaround Point” Book Rollout and Review

Turnaround Point Book by Gary Gunn“Turnaround Point Book”

Gary’s new book “Turnaround Point” is here! Come learn all about it in this special Showcase event!

  • Have you experienced a Turnaround Point in owning and running your auto repair business?
  • Have you maximized your staff leadership potential?
  • Have you stacked up plenty of cash reserves?
  • Have you reached your dreams?
  • Have you ever felt chained to your business operations?
  • Have you ever felt all of this effort is not worth the hassle?
  • Have you ever told your son or daughter they should get another occupation?
  • Have you ever wondered where and how your money leaks out?

How can we turn your shop’s business around? Watch to learn more!

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