Showcase #171 f/ Rick Cloutier of ShopPros “BusinessBuilder”

Showcase Guest Rick Cloutier

Showcase Guest Rick Cloutier


Have your ever watched a sporting event without a scoreboard?

Do you run your shop without a scoreboard? How do you know you won? How do you know by how much?

What if you are not winning? What is causing you not to win?
Can you identify the issues? If so, what is your plan to fix them?

Don’t miss this opportunity to LOOK SEE “LIVE”

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About Rick

Rick Cloutier is a founding member and ShopPros Coach. Rick grew up in the automotive business, working with his dad and grandfather in their family-run shop. That same business has grown from two to 16 bays and continues to be family focused. Rick has played an instrumental role in the formation and processes used by ShopPros.