SOC 2.0: SendOutCards Giant Leap Forward

Big News for SOC

Big News for SOC

Are you ready for SOC 2.0? Ready or not, SOC 2.0 is here. It is currently being thoroughly Beta Tested and will be rolling out for general use very soon.  If you are a current SendOutCards customer, or distributor, you have every reason to be excited.  However, if you have not yet looked at SendOutCards and joined in the Kindness Revolution, you owe it to yourself to see what the excitement is all about.

We are talking about device apps that will allow users to act on their promptings from any device, as well as their computer.  We will offer Global API, thus allowing SOC to integrate with other contact managers and websites.  Imagine having a button on your website that allows you to send a card to people in your contact manager – it’s coming!  Are you one of those very creative types?  If you are, there will be a way to share your card creations and ideas with the world.  If you are not, there will be a place to find fantastic ideas for custom cards to use in your card sending.

Jordan Adler’s Beta Testing Call

Instead of rambling, I would like to offer you the chance to hear from Eagle Distributor Jordan Adler on the SOC 2.0 system.  He is currently Beta Testing the system.  You can hear Jordan’s 30 minute call by clicking the following link:

For more information on SendOutCards, or any of Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s Tomato Project offerings, simply contact us today at 800-233-8551 to schedule a time for a team member to contact you and get your questions answered.  Act today, send a card on the SOC system on our dime, and feel the experience firsthand.  Be sure to visit the Tomato Project library by clicking here.