SendOutCards has gone mobile! Send Cards and Gifts Anywhere, Anytime!

SendOutCards mobile app for sending cards and gifts

Not so long ago I had a prospect say to me, “When I can snap a picture on my phone and send my customer a card right from my phone, I will be interested in your service.”  I have some great news for this soon to be customer and for you.  In case you have not heard, card and gift sending through SendOutCards has gone mobile!

Yes, now you can log into your SendOutCards‘ account, or your Sendcere account, from your favorite mobile device and send cards and gifts to anyone.  Just stop and think of the possibilities.  Let me share a few ways I have taken advantage of this new freedom.

I struck up a casual conversation a few weeks ago while at my favorite coffee shop.  At the point in the conversation where the guy asked what it was that I did, I replied with my “elevator speech” and asked him if I could send him some info through the mail.  He said yes and I got his name and address.  I am absolutely positive he was expecting a promotional packet of some kind.  You know the stuff I am talking about.  It usually arrives on Wednesday and quite often goes straight into recycling.  Well, what he got was a “nice to meet you” card with a personal note referencing things we talked about, a package of brownies and an invitation to meet again. I had the card sent before I finished my coffee using my smart phone.  If I were a shop owner, this would have been an invitation to stop by and see the shop and talk again (let me stress, it would not have been a “stop by and get 25% off your next oil change” invitation).

In another instance, I attended a networking function.  While there, I snapped a few shots of the group.  Later in the day, I send a “nice meeting you” card, with photos of the event in the card, to those I spoke with inviting them to a one-to-one meeting. I also sent a “thank you” card, again with photos of the event in the card, to the person who invited me. This was all done using my smart phone.

Again, I ask you to imagine having a system, accessible from any device with internet connection, which would allow you to send personalized custom greeting cards and gifts, if you choose.  Imagine the ways you could use this kind of powerful relationship marketing platform to stand out instead of just competing.  Whether it is used for networking opportunities, customer appreciation, to celebrate a valued employee or celebrate family and friends, the SendOutCards platform can bridge the gap between personal touch and technology.

I have one more bit of fantastic news for all you iPhone users.  SendOutCards has released an amazing iOS app to use with your SendOutCards account.  If you have an active SendOutCards account, you can simply install the free app from the iTunes app store and log into your existing account.  If you do not have a SendOutCards account, I urge you to contact Turnaround Tour ShopPros today and have a team member contact you and share this revolutionary system called SendOutCards. Also be sure to ask about the exciting new Master Relationship Marketing seminars being held around the country.  Learn how to master your relationship marketing with these one day events.

Finally, I would like to leave you with our newest tutorial on using the iOS mobile app.

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