Save the customers, even if you are moving!

Moving? Let your existing customers know, so they will move with you!

The past weekend, my family and I endured the chore of moving from one house into another. In order to make it seem less of a pain, I thought of two times that I helped an entire company move locations. Along with the usual tasks involved in moving, like getting all the “stuff” moved, getting utilities transferred, letting banks and other institutions know your new address, there is also the added tasks. Changing literature, business cards, changing online map locations and other work was involved. Let’s not forget all our customers who will need to find the new location.

It is a lot of work. All of it is important. Most of it is fairly straightforward busywork. However, some tasks like getting noticed and being found can be more challenging. Getting noticed fast will involve a fair amount of coordinating using several modes of communication to announce your arrival to the area, along with one or more events. These may include a ribbon cutting and a grand opening.

Moving in different directions

The two companies I helped relocate handled the task of letting existing customers know where to find the new location very differently. They also had very different results. One didn’t do much to let its existing customers know they moved. I think they simply sent a postcard. There was a big slump in the bottom line for many months. The second company worked really hard at letting its customers know how to find them. As I recall, there was a letter prior to the move, a card to announce that the move was complete, and then a phone campaign. There was a small decline in the bottom line, but it didn’t last long.

It would have been wonderful to have had a system like SendOutCards back in those days. My wife and I will be using SendOutCards to send family and close friends a card letting them know our new address. However, with the incredible campaign features in SendOutCards, this would have been wonderful system to have had for the business moves.

If I were to relocate a business today, I would set up a multiple card campaign and send it to my active database. It would look something like this:

First, an immediate card announcing that we moved. I would either find a card in the SendOutCards’ greeting card catalog with a humorous front cover appropriate from moving or put a photo of the new building on the front. On the inside cover, I would place a photo of a map showing directions to the new location. I would then write a personal message to my customers, ex. “Just wanted to personally let you know that we’ve moved. And unlike a few office supplies that we still can’t find, I wanted to make sure you could find us. Everyone here values having you as a customer, so please stop by and see us at our new location. I believe you’ll love the new place as much as we do.”

I would then schedule a second card to go out personally inviting them to the grand opening celebration. I would also schedule a card to go out two or three weeks after the first card to remind them to stop by the new location and that we really value their patronage. On the inside of this card I might include a photo of the staff on one inside panel. In my personal message, I would include a mention of what they will love about the new location (better parking, nicer waiting room, etc).  Then, if I was inspired, I could include additional cards to go out at later dates.

Once created, the campaign can be sent to an entire database with a few clicks of the mouse. Once sent, the cards will be printed, stuffed, stamped, addressed, verified and mailed on the scheduled dates. SendOutCards campaigns offer multiple touches, it’s very personal and impactful, and it’s all taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Not moving? I am truly happy for you, since I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone. Well, there are many ways to make use of SendOutCards campaign feature to retain customers and generate new customers through referrals. Contact us today! We would be happy to share the SendOutCards system and the campaign feature with you. We can walk you through the entire site and system right over the phone. SendOutCards can be an indispensable tool for mastering your relationship marketing.

I do want to leave you with another example of the SendOutCards campaign feature. Here’s SendOutCards founder and CEO Kody Bateman:

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