The Relationship Marketing Tool That Fits Right In the Palm of Your Hand

Breaking News! SendOutCards has a new iOS app for relationship marketing!This week, I will be brief. I just have one Big Announcement! The fully tested and highly anticipated SendOutCards iOS app is finally available.  You can now find it in the Apple app store. I would like to share a short video of my friend “Super” Dave Smith demonstrating the app by sending his friend a card and gift.  After watching this video, I would like you all to “Imagine”.

The Relationship Marketing iOS App

Imagine that you are attending a networking event, or you are out anywhere, meeting someone you would like to reconnect with later. Now, from your smart phone, you can make an impactful impression while the conversation and idea is fresh in mind. Imagine attending a child’s or grandchild’s event and capturing pictures of that “special moment”.  Now you can capture, save and share that moment with others. I don’t know a child that wouldn’t love a card with their special moment captured on the pages.  Imagine…  I could fill volumes with all that I imagine with using this new technology to build and strengthen relationships and to master relationship marketing. However, I will leave the rest of the possibilities to your inner genius and personal creativity to imagine.

Would you like to learn more about the iOS app or try the system out? Just contact us here at Turnaround Tour ShopPros. We will be extremely happy to get your questions answered and to share the SendOutCards system with you, if you have not experienced it firsthand yourself.  SendOutCards is revolutionizing the way people all over the world send cards and gifts. SendOutCards is helping business owners and sales professionals like you Master Relationship Marketing.  Take a few minutes to give us a call and find out how SendOutCards is changing lives, one card and gift at a time.

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