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If only your business's Relationship Marketing had an easy button!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and are looking forward to an amazing 2016.

I want to start the year by writing about a concept we often hear in regards to sales and in doing business in general.  The concept goes like this: “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like and trust.”  My research suggests the concept, or quote, is attributed to Bob Burg. I also know that during my time as a member of BNI, this concept was strongly emphasized in our trainings. I also run across this concept, or saying, in nearly every book I read on sales and business.

There has been a great deal written on the subject of how to get customers who know, like and trust us.  One of the themes that I find that runs through all this literature is the need to interact with the customer multiple times and, also, to interact periodically over time.  Over the past decades, many businesses have taken advantage of technology to interact with their customers periodically via email, texting and social media.

During this period, many time-honored and proven methods of building relationships fell to the wayside. These include face-to-face conversations, phone calls and written correspondence.  The upside to this trend is that these time-honored and proven methods are probably more powerful and effective now than they have been in decades.

One reason for the decline in these “older” methods of letting customers get to know, like, and ultimately trust us is that they generally consume more time and labor.  The wonders of technology allow most businesses to send emails, text messages and social media posts on autopilot.  Just create a series of messages that will go out to everyone over time and you’re done for now.  Hard to beat that when you are an owner or salesperson with too much on your plate already.

Can old school relationship marketing for business be made easy?

Great news! This year you can put the power and effectiveness of the written word back into your marketing strategy. With SendOutCards campaign feature (learn more here), you can send personal messages written in beautiful, personalized greeting cards. You can even attach a gift and send it through snail mail (postal mail) on near autopilot. All this just as easily as your email and social media campaigns. SendOutCards is helping business owners and salespeople bridge gaps between high tech and personal touch.

With little upfront work, use SendOutCards’ campaign feature to connect personally with your customers throughout the year.  Celebrate the holidays with them.  Celebrate their life events:  birthdays, anniversaries or other significant dates. Celebrate them, just because. Remind them of annual events that you run – perhaps a customer appreciation day. Pick the holidays and other dates you want to reach out to your customers on throughout the year. Create a personalized greeting card with a heartfelt message inside for each date. Then send that campaign to whomever you wish. You can send the campaign to entire groups of contacts, such as your existing active customers.  You can also send the campaign to an individual contact at any time. Once you send the campaign to a contact or group, you are done! The cards go out at the specified times on complete autopilot.

Find out how SendOutCards can help your business bridge the gap between high tech and personal touch! Contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros today.  We can set up a phone call to answer your questions, tour the website and test drive the system. Master your relationship marketing in 2016 with SendOutCards! Contact us today!

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