To send a heartfelt note in a greeting card…Let me count the reasons.

What do your actions say about you? Is your appreciation heartfelt?

What do your actions say about you?

Do you already have a system that sends “Thank You” cards and “Reminder” cards to your customers? If not, SendOutCards can be that system for your business.  If you do already have a system in place, did you know that SendOutCards could complement it?  “How?” you ask? I think most people underestimate the power of so-called “snail mail” and greeting cards. They also underestimate the number of opportunities to reach out and touch a customer, client, staff member, vendor, business contact and others in our lives.  Each time we reach out and send a heartfelt note to these contacts, we strengthen our relationships. We create both top of mind awareness and the TOMATO effect. TOMATO, for those who have been following the Tomato Project know, stands for top of mind awareness through others.  It is our creative way of talking about the process of people becoming referral sources. I would like to offer some card sending ideas.  If your current system does not allow sending cards for these areas, SendOutCards can fill the gap. Also, this list is not just geared for a customer getting their car serviced. It is also for business networking events, business meetings, staff members, etc.

Ways you can show your heartfelt appreciation

  1. Thanks for being a treasured customer
  2. Following up promptly after meetings letting people know you enjoyed meeting them or seeing them again.  Perhaps thanking them for what they shared
  3. Service reminders
  4. Staying in touch with prospects and business contacts multiple times a year
  5. Thank You for the referral cards
  6. Company announcements
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. Life events – getting married, birth of babies, anniversary, promotion, new home, new job, retirement, sympathy, etc
  9. Send unexpected cards. There is a lot of power in sending a card to let them know you are thinking about them
  10. Remember to say “Thanks” – not just for “your business” but for all the other things people do for us
  11. “Missing you” card to customers who stop coming in
  12. Invitations – Holiday coffees, customer appreciation days, etc
  13. Asking for referrals – “Who do you know?”
  14. Giving valuable tips to customers. Helpful tips and reminders of things like words of motivation, quotes, Bible verses, articles, books and resources to staff members.
  15. Make people feel important and appreciated

I do not think this is an exhaustive list of how greeting cards, sent with a heartfelt note, can be used to build your business, but I think it is a good start. As always, I highly encourage you to contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros and have a team member share the SendOutCards system by providing you with a free “test drive” of the system.  Also, be sure to visit the Tomato Project library. You can access the library by clicking here.  Then join us for our twice a month Tomato Project Webinar to learn how to increase your top of mind awareness through others.

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