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Whether cooking pancakes or owning an auto repair shop, persistence is key.

Whether cooking pancakes or owning an auto repair shop, persistence is always the key.

Every one of us desires success. Simply wanting it, however, will not guarantee you achievement. Thus, many people often fail to reach their goals. Shop owners often encounter hardship. Sometimes, they then give up. That’s calling a spade a spade! Ever had a “give up” scenario? Have you ever helped someone through a hardship? Has it happened to you? What did you do? Let’s discuss one characteristic that is needed to accomplish what you set out to do: persistence. Persistence combines both strong desire and willpower. Have you ever thought of there being a recipe?

Recipe for Persistence

  • 5 tablespoons of strong desire
  • 2 cups of willpower
  • 1 gallon of passion
  • 12 pinches of purpose
  • 0 obstacles – just challenges
  • 3 cups of faith
  • 3 tablespoons of failure
  • 1 cup of motivation
  • 5 barrels of “don’t give up”

There are also several other possible ingredients. In addition, you may want to add these to the mix:

  • constant
  • insistent
  • relentless
  • tenacious
  • unrelenting
  • in it for the long haul
  • obstinate
  • unshakable

My absolute favorite activity on each Saturday morning? I love making pancakes for our family breakfast. Whenever I follow the recipe, everything will go perfectly as planned. What if I don’t follow the recipe then? Since you’ve probably experienced this, you can guess what will happen next. When the time comes, and it will, you had better check the recipe. You can be persistent, every single time. Just make sure that you do not leave out any of the ingredients.

Persistence – Perseverance – Productivity

Persistence will always lead to success and perseverance will always lead to productivity. This is especially true in spite of opposition and discouragement. Just make sure your recipe has all of the necessary ingredients. Lasting and enduring tenacity truly matter, so persist and you will win!

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