People Clarity – Aspirin FREE!

Do you need this much aspirin to work with the people on your staff?People Clarity – Aspirin FREE!

How many aspirins do you take per day for people issues and concerns?

Would you like to take less?

Would you care to get aspirin FREE,  quickly?

Let’s expand our aspirin usage a little further concerning people. We have found people issues come from your existing staff not doing what you think they should be doing. Perhaps they don’t know exactly what they are held accountable for. Have you told them you love them lately? Always finding fault is a bad way to go. Maybe you have not done the proper training. We also hear the greatest moaning and groaning from shop owners about their people involves finding and keeping them. Our People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive course  is the cure for the pain involved in finding and retaining people.

Research proves that understanding yourself and your people allows you to make better hiring decisions. This is the best way find the best fit for your staff. Many business owners don’t truly understand themselves until later in their careers. It’s this understanding of self that often leads to what might be referred to as “people wisdom”. People wisdom has traditionally been related to gray hair or age. Through self- discovery, you can lower the age and have less gray hair as a bonus!

Remember the saying “variety is the spice of life”? Does this pertain to your people? Learn to embrace their differences and blend them into a great team!

Closing your aspirin bottle is the goal.

Good news! You no longer have to operate this way. There is a cure! Do you want to know about the cure?

C – Count the number of aspirins you take
U – Unload and download your pain relief
R – Race to a pain FREE start today
E – Eliminate the pain with ASP Intensive TWO

People pain relief is coming soon, starting August 26, 2014 – ASP People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive # 2 – Come join this LIVE Six Series webinar.

First…Learn how to Prepare
Second…Learn how to Attract
Third…Learn how to Hire
Fourth…Learn how to Retain

Save money on this webinar series and sign up today!

Early Bird ONE – value – save $200 invest in People Pain Relief for only $797 if bought before August 8, 2014.
Early Bird TWO – value – save $150 invest in People Pain Relief for only $847 if bought before August 15, 2014.
Early Bird THREE – value – save $100 invest in People Pain Relief for only $897 if bought before August 22, 2014.

Call me today at 1-844-888-4443, or email to sign up!

Learn more by attending these information webinars: Pick your date and become an Early Bird, with special seating privileges:
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