The How-To Recipe: Auto Repair Daily Operations

An Auto Repair Shop Manager discusses systems with a Technician on the floor.“What do you mean by ‘Assume nothing about the customer?’”

Eighty-five percent of what you do occurs from the moment the customer hands you the keys until they are returned—and your customer has a sense of how well this time is managed. Attitude, communication, efficiency, and skill will either build or break the trust relationship you have with them.

If your daily operations are running well, so will your shop; this translates to new customers, repeat customers, better work environment, and more profit.

Developing a process for daily operations systems is not “just get ’er done,” or implementing an impersonal approach. Turnaround Tour ShopPros can help you untangle the knot of how to get through each day, every day and show you how to make it a win-win for your customers and your business.

  • Learn best practices for major daily operations systems, like: Oil Change Pathway, Broke Car Pathway, Customer Comeback Pathway, The Board System, 10-10-10, Speed of Service, Preventive Maintenance Inspection, and more
  • Identify the best way to collect your team’s input instead of applying someone else’s method
  • Learn why smooth daily operations are more about controlling the mood rather than speed of service
  • Learn how to incorporate up-selling and cross-selling easily into your systems
  • Develop a process to review and fine-tune your systems


Are you ready for your shop’s ‘machine’ to hum as well as the machines you service each day? Answer our five-question Daily Operations Business Performance Inspection and receive immediate email feedback!


Daily Operations – Business Performance Inspection (BPI)

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