Ever Feel Like No One is Listening to Your Great Promotion?

Building a lasting relationship with your customers means more than a promotion ad.

If I were to assert that you make split second decisions all day, would you agree or disagree?  When you open your email, I bet you don’t start at the top and read each email in order, start to finish. You probably scan for emails from people you know and important subject lines. In a split second, you know if you want to click on a given email.

Do you read a newspaper?  If so, I bet you do not start at the top right of page one and read everything.  You probably scan and instantly move to articles that are interesting to you.  You make split second decisions on whether or not to read a given article.

It even happens with sales calls. When a salesperson calls, you instantly know if you want to speak with them or get them off the phone quickly as possible.

We make split second decisions all day long.  An ad promotion comes on the radio. We immediately make the decision to pay attention to it or not.  We open our mailbox and immediately decide what will be opened or tossed.  The examples go on and on.  Considering the information that comes at us every moment, the ability to make quick decisions has survival benefits.

Is your promotion turned down in a split second?

Our prospective customers, new or repeat, do the same. This can create big problems for advertising and sales. The question now becomes how people can see our promotion, hear what we say and think of us when our products and services are needed.

I can think of three reasons why a prospect would pay attention to an advertisement or promotion.  First, the prospect has recently known of a need for that product or service. They are therefore looking for how to fill it.  It seems amazing how many tire ads there “suddenly” are when deciding you need a set of tires. This is probably how most advertisements are noticed.

The second way to get a prospect to notice an advertisement is to tie it in with something they’re already interested in. You often see this on TV and print advertising. For example, images of sports fans drinking their favorite beer. If you are a sports fan, you might notice the advertisement. Often, though, the prospect remembers the tie-in and not the promotion.

Finally, if a prospect has a relationship with the person or company, they tend to notice anything related. For example, my friend owns a mattress store.  I haven’t bought a mattress in four years.  I’m not in the market to buy one soon.  However, I always notice his store’s radio spot. I always open the store’s mailers. Curiosity, I suppose. We want to know what our friends are up to. I’m sure you can think of a close acquaintance that owns a business.  I’m also sure you notice when their business is on the radio, print, TV or internet.

SendOutCards is fantastic for building the kind of relationships that get your promotional material noticed. Through our online greeting card and gifting service, you’ll touch your customers in a personal way. You can send beautiful cards with heartfelt messages. You can even add a gift when the situation warrants it.  Through a thoughtful relationship marketing strategy, you can “hyper sensitize” your current and previous customers to notice you.  Creating relationships with your customers gets responses a traditional promotion won’t. Customers may change maintenance reminders from, “oh, it’s Joe trying to get me to spend more money at his shop” to “that Joe, he’s always watching out for me and my family.”

Turnaround Tour ShopPros is giving you the opportunity to “kick the tires” and test drive the SendOutCards system. Contact us today. Schedule a time for a team member to share this system with you. SendOutCards has sent out over 120 million greeting cards and over 5 million gifts over the past 11 years. 70% of those cards and gifts have been sent by businesses. You will quickly see why we offer the best relationship marketing platform on the market.

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