Never Let Down Your Staff! Six Actions Repair Shop Leaders Need to Take Daily

If you're playing on a teeter totter,  never let down the other kid! If you're leading an auto repair shop, never let down your staff!Ah, childhood. When you were a child, did you ever play on a teeter totter? Maybe where you are from, it is known as a seesaw. As kids, we would sit on each end of the board and bounce each other up and down. Sometimes the person who was down would jump off the teeter totter. This would cause the other person to crash to the ground with a thud. That could really hurt! “Never let down the other kid with a hard crash” should have been a rule!

Sometimes in leading an automotive repair shop, we slack off and let down our staff. I believe anyone can become a business owner. Very few put in the effort to become true business leaders. As we make the journey from business owner to business leader, we can never let down our people in house. We can make sure not to let down our staff by:

  1. Finding the best fit staff members
  2. Continual mentoring
  3. Weekly training on 10 key systems
  4. Behavioral coaching
  5. Explaining and selling the “why”
  6. Working on the business one day per week. Hey, how about each Tuesday?

Does your auto repair business need a leader that will never let down his or her staff? If so, then you must review the six items above regularly. When you stop leading and start owning your business, your days will be filled with letdown. When you move from business owner to business leader, the letdowns are few and far between.

Never Let Down your Staff! Print this Shop Tip, review it and circle the ONE you must work on the MOST!

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