How much does a missed opportunity to express gratitude cost?

Did you miss an opportunity to express gratitude to your customers or staff?Let’s talk about a missed opportunity. Have you ever wanted to thank someone for something, but just did not get around to it?  Maybe you wanted to thank someone for bringing you his or her business.  Perhaps you were to thank someone for an exceptional job or going “above and beyond” on a project.  It could be that you wanted to say “Thank You” for a great referral.  In short, have you ever had a prompting to say “Thank You” but did not act on it?

What is the real cost of a missed opportunity?

Now, here’s another question.  What did it cost you not to act on that prompting?  What did it cost you not to let that employee, vendor, friend, customer know how special they are to you and how much you appreciate them?  Let me ask this in another way.  How do you feel when you go out of your way to do something nice for someone and afterwards not felt one bit appreciated?  The answer to this question probably gives you an idea of how others feel when we fail to acknowledge their actions.

I have discovered over the years that taking a few minutes to express appreciation is not difficult.  The problem is that not doing it is easy, too.  Let that sink in.  The problem most have is not that writing a note in a card and sending it is hard. Rather, it is easy not to take that opportunity.  The danger, of course, is the damage it can do to our relationship with that person.

Making it easy to do, and hard not to!

SendOutCards is the best tool on the market for expressing appreciation, gratitude, or any other emotion.  SendOutCards lets you effortlessly create and send a physical greeting card through the postal mail. You can do this conveniently right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Simply log into your personal account and choose from thousands of stock cards. You may instead create a custom card from scratch, type a personalized message, and add photos if you like. Then just hit the Send Card button and you’re done!  SendOutCards takes care of the rest. We print, stuff, address, stamp and deliver your card to the US Postal Service within 24 hours. Saying “Thank You” and has always been easy. Now, with SendOutCards, it is easy and convenient.

See just how easy and convenient it is to send a real, personalized greeting card with SendOutCards. Contact us at Turnaround Tour ShopPros today!  Schedule a time when a team member to call and take you on a guided tour of the website. You can even test drive the system by sending a free card to someone special in your life.  You will quickly see why so many call SendOutCards the best relationship marketing platform on the market today!

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