Where have you been? We miss you!


Do you remember the last time someone said, “Where have you been? We miss you!”  Maybe you were away from home on a business trip and had your spouse or children tell you they miss you.   Perhaps you ran into an old friend and had them tell you how much they miss you.  Do you also remember how it made you feel?  I’m betting it felt pretty good.  When we hear “I miss you”, it lets us know we matter to someone and that someone cares about us.

I was speaking with a shop owner the other day.  We were discussing his difficulties in getting more cars into his shop each week.  Like many business owners, he is finding it increasing more difficult and expensive to bring new customers into his establishment.  I asked him how many people where in his database of past customers who no longer came into his shop?  He said he didn’t know the exact number, but given he has been in business for many years, he said there were probably hundreds.

I then asked him what he was doing to bring those customers back into his shop.  He got quiet for a minute and then responded, “Most of them get our flyers and sales promotions that go out each month.”  So, I asked him a simply question, “Do you miss them?”  He responded with something like, “What? You mean do I miss them bringing their car into the shop?  Yeah, I guess I do.”  I responded with, “So, tell them.”

Ads and flyers with specials and deals are nice. After all, we know customers like to get the best deal on the products and services they want and need.  However, these forms of communication don’t do anything to open up the mind or open up the heart.  To do that, we must meet another need all people have; that is, the need to feel important, or put another way, the need to feel that what we do matters.

Want to increase your sales volume? Take a look back at those lost and missing customers.  Did you know that Inc.com reported a study that shows 68% of customers leave a company due to perceived indifference?  Reach out to these customers that have disappeared.  Let them know you care whether or not they use your company.  Let them know that they matter to you and your business.  Let them know that you miss them.  I would suggest that this mailing not have any fancy “deals” trying to manipulate them into returning, but, instead, a real heart-felt personal message letting them know you would like them to “come home.”

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