Are you losing money through an incomplete marketing strategy?

Losing money with traditional marketing strategy?

I have have been speaking with shop owners, salespeople, and various business owners about the SendOutCards system and Relationship Marketing. I’ve found that there are questions I get asked fairly often.  These questions include:

  1. How does relationship marketing differ from traditional marketing strategy?
  2. How does relationship marketing fit into a marketing plan?
  3. Why does it cost 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer?
  4. What kind of return can I expect from an effective relationship marketing strategy?

Relationship Marketing Strategy Explained

I could write a lengthy article dealing with these questions. However, I am fortunate to have an expert that I can turn to.  The founder and CEO of SendOutCards, Kody Bateman teaches businesses to master relationship marketing strategy. He has been teaching these industry concepts for over two decades.  He recently recorded a short video in his series “2 minutes with Kody B” dealing with these very questions. I believe you will find this to be a very enlightening two minutes.

The bottom line is this: Relationship marketing strategy works. It can substantially increase both your business’ revenue and profits. I believe that SendOutCards offers the best relationship marketing platform available.  SendOutCards makes staying in touch with, following up with, and celebrating, others easy and convenient.  We at Turnaround Tour ShopPros would be pleased to let you experience the SendOutCards system firsthand. Contact us today to schedule a phone call with a team member. With a short phone meeting we can share the SendOutCards system with you and answer your questions. Be sure to ask for a test drive and you will receive two free greeting cards.

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