The How-To Recipe: Auto Repair Leadership and Management

Auto Repair Shop Manager, Mechanic and Customer“We always seem to be falling behind. What am I missing here?”

It seemed so simple . . . you love cars, you gained some experience, and then you opened your own shop. And the shop is about cars—fixing them, maintaining them, enhancing them—so everything else should have fallen into place. Right?

Actually, your business is experiential; most customers might not know exactly what you did to their car, but they see your branding, your customer service, your processes . . .and whether or not these elements have the support of your team. That’s where the rubber meets the road—your success depends on theirs.

So, how do you inspire your team and keep them on track . . . to keep your business on track?

We know firsthand that making the shift from technician to shop owner is a bit more difficult than anticipated. Turnaround Tour ShopPros has a proven method to help you make that shift. We help you develop a few foundational leadership and management skills to help you manage your team and ultimately, maximize profitability.


  • Identify your leadership and management styles
  • Learn the recipe for “leadership without breaking a sweat”
  • Learn how to apply the systemic process to leadership, management, and daily operations
  • Learn the Four Essential NRC Tools for mentoring, recognizing/developing potential, training, and behavior
  • Help your team capture the vision you have for the company and coach them into success

Turnaround Tour ShopPros’s People / Auto Staffing Process is the only 100% turnkey hiring system exclusively for the automotive repair industry. Therefore, it eliminates the guesswork when hiring.

Anyone can acquire effective leadership and management skills when they implement our method. Are you ready? Take our five-question Leadership and Management Business Performance and receive immediate email feedback!


Leadership Management – Business Performance Inspection (BPI)

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