Love Motivator

This amateur golfer's sole motivator is love.

This amateur golfer’s sole motivator is love.

In the 1920s, Bobby Jones dominated the golfing world, despite only being an amateur. In one film about his life, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, there is a scene where a professional golfer asks Bobby when he is going to quit being an amateur. When was he going to grab for the money like everyone else did? Jones answers by explaining the word amateur comes from the Latin “amo”, meaning “to love”. His answer was crystal clear: He played the sport of golf for one simple reason: because he loved the game.

Our motives – the reasons why we do what we do – make all the difference.

This is a timeless principle that certainly applies to our automotive businesses. Do you love your auto repair shop’s business model? What about all of your staff members? Do your suppliers feel it? Do you live for the challenges of serving your customers? Do you enjoy the task of firing someone? Do you love the responsibilities of mentoring and coaching people? Do you just love being an entrepreneur and making money?

Make no mistake: Love is the greatest of all motivators.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love most.

While you lead your shop’s people each day, love your people first. Give them a High Five, the most distinctive American gesture. It all started in 1977 when an excited rookie outfielder named Glenn Burke ran over with his arm in the air to his teammate Dusty Baker. Baker had just hit his 30th career home run for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mark Langill, Dodgers team historian, said Baker was not sure what to do, so he slapped it.

Now there is even a National High Five Day in the United States! April 16th is the date it is observed.

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  • Rhett Smith

    I don’t know what inspires you but I wish I had some of it. Gary, you inspire all of us onward to bigger & better things, not only in matters of the wallet, but also in matters of the heart. Thanks for your coaching, your guidance & most of all your friendship. Rhett

    June 12, 2015, 9:07 am permalink