Living with an Honest Heart

Diogenes seeks an honest person. Will he find you, auto repair shop owner?

Diogenes seeks an honest person. Will he find you, auto repair shop owner?

What if you found an old gravestone with an epitaph that read “J. Holgate: an honest person”? You would most likely know nothing about Holgate’s life, but because of the marker is unusually ornate, he must have struck it rich. But whatever he accomplished in his lifetime, he’s remembered for just one thing: He was “an honest man.”

Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, spent a lifetime in search of honesty and finally concluded that an honest man could not be found. Honest people are hard to find in any age, but the trait is one that greatly matters.

Honesty is not the best policy; it’s the only policy.

Ask yourself: Am I trustworthy? Am I honorable? Do my words ring true? Do I speak the truth in love? Do I fudge or fade the facts? Do I exaggerate for emphasis?

Okay Gary, how does this link to auto repair? Let me ask you the following questions:

  • What would your customers say about you?
  • What would your fellow shop owners in town say about you?
  • What would your current staff members say about you?
  • What would your past staff members say about you?

I would like to encourage you to take the “living with an honest heart” pledge and lead your company.

An Honest Shop Owner: Rhett Smith’s Story

Rhett Smith is a shop owner I was talking with recently. He told me a story about a conversation he had with a customer. Rhett’s shop had installed a used engine in his car some months before. It never ran right. The man came back in to see what Rhett was going to do about this issue. Rhett, an honest man, told him, “I am going to put another motor in for you, no charge.” The customer said, “How can you afford to do that?” Rhett said, “Because I am the owner and it’s the right thing to do.” The customer gave Rhett a check for $500 and told him that was what he wanted to contribute to the repair.

Rhett, you are a prime example of living with an honest heart.

Rhett, I am proud to call you a friend.

If you would like to contribute to the new engine fund email Rhett some money.  

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