John Modesti of Modesti’s Complete Car Care

John Modesti and his son Nick

John Modesti and his son Nick

“All training is profitable.” After 36 years of being an independent auto repair center I still look forward to training with Gary Gunn and his staff. Gary’s training is an open forum style and all shops participate and share financial information, how to advertise, how to hire, daily operations, leadership, we share our monthly numbers and yearly numbers! I compare my numbers with other shops around the country!!

This year I will have my first budget ever!! I will have my How to Manual by the end of this year, giving my shop a standard of the way I do business in a book my employees can use daily for every detail of all our daily operations. Another Great value is the monthly Showcase, spotlighting a shop owners on what makes their shop work, how they pay technicians and staff, what type of advertising works best for them size of shop, car count, ARO, income and profit. What Great Information to have!

ASA members $44.00 fee for all this information that can add $ to your bottom line!
Gary Gunn and his team, are dedicated in making your shop a Top Shop, a Successful Shop, a Profitable Shop! Setting Standards you can rely on daily!
I highly recommend Gary Gunn and his ShopPros Subscriber Program.

Best Regards,

John Modesti

Mitch Schneider from Schneider’s auto posted this:

Oct 27, 2010

A Higher Level

There is no way to articulate the importance of client reviews on the internet. They can make or break you and no one knows that better than another automotive service provider. But, a “Peer Review” is slightly different than a consumer review. An automotive service professional both knows and understands what it takes to do a quality job and still handle all the “warm & fuzzy” stuff brilliantly. I own a shop in Simi Valley, California. And, my daughter lives a quarter mile from Modesti’s. When her vehicle became incapacitated near her home I told her to leave the car at their shop knowing that the job would be done right the first time and that she would be treated at least as well as we treat her here. If you want to take your vehicle to what we in the industry like refer to as a 2%’er – one of the top 2% of the shops in the Industry and you’re anywhere near Culver City… Take it to Modesti’s!