Showcase #165: The HEV Services Blueprint

Turnaround Tour ShopPros Showcase: Hybrid Electric ServiceStep by Step: How to Upgrade your Automotive Service Business to Attract and Service Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Top Concerns of Business Owners

  1. Are HEV and EV here to stay?
  2. Uncertainty regarding size of local market.
  3. The Unknown – understanding HEV/EV systems and how to work on them.
  4. No Hybrid and Electric vehicles currently coming into your shop.
  5. Lack of additional money to invest in HEV training and equipment.
  6. Laziness – waiting until forced to make changes.
  7. Time away from shop to get necessary training.
  8. Retaining your HEV Techs once they’re trained.

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Presentation by Mark Quarto. Facilitated by Julian Bergquist.


Showcase: “The Prime Fishing Pond”

Gary Gunn, AAM

Showcase Host Gary Gunn

“The Prime Fishing Pond”

Come learn how to fish for potential technicians and service advisers! How should you bait your hooks? Make sure that you watch the corks!

Be a part of this webinar experience. You will learn the theory of the “Prime Fishing Pond” firsthand!

*Rods, reels and bait not furnished.

Five Key Topics

  1. The Prime Fishing Pond for recruiting staff members
  2. Let’s Face the Facts about Technician shortage
  3. 100 Miles – 100 – Technicians – 100 SA – 100 GS
  4. Bench Strength
  5. What you think you know. Keeps you from knowing what you cannot yet think.

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Showcase #163: Tommy Nickelson on “Database Mining”

Showcase Guest Tommy Nickelson speaking on database mining

Showcase Guest Tommy Nickelson

“Database Mining”

Join our special guest Tommy Nickelson. He is the shop owner of Advanced Auto Repair in Denton, TX. Tommy will share his business’ success, attributed to his experience marketing to his customer database. It is equally important to know the “who” and the “how” of marketing. This is especially true when it comes to your shop’s client base.

Stop walking right by your pot of gold every day! Learn how to successfully mine your database today! Our guest Tommy will show you how to.

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Advance Auto Repair website
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About Showcase

Showcase is the Auto Shop Talk Show, for Independent Repair Shop Owners! On select Thursdays each month at 12 Noon CST, join Gary Gunn, AAM and other hosts LIVE to discuss issues that are important to you. If you can’t attend live, the A/V files, links, and documents will be online FREE in this library. You may also subscribe to the “Turnaround Tour ShopPros Showcase” podcast on iTunes via the Apple store for instant downloads of mp3 audio episodes for your mobile device. Don’t miss another episode! Register for upcoming Webinars here, or via our weekly Email Newsletter.

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