Showcase: “The Prime Fishing Pond”

Gary Gunn, AAM

Showcase Host Gary Gunn

“The Prime Fishing Pond”

Come learn how to fish for potential technicians and service advisers! How should you bait your hooks? Make sure that you watch the corks!

Be a part of this webinar experience. You will learn the theory of the “Prime Fishing Pond” firsthand!

*Rods, reels and bait not furnished.

Five Key Topics

  1. The Prime Fishing Pond for recruiting staff members
  2. Let’s Face the Facts about Technician shortage
  3. 100 Miles – 100 – Technicians – 100 SA – 100 GS
  4. Bench Strength
  5. What you think you know. Keeps you from knowing what you cannot yet think.

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Showcase #162: People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive 3

Learn more about our Auto Repair Staffing Intensive series.

“People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive 3”

How many aspirins do you take per day to deal with people issues and concerns?  Would you like to take less? Would you care to become aspirin-FREE quickly?

Let us expand our aspirin usage a little bit further when concerning people.  We have found that people issues come when your existing staff is not doing what you think they should be doing. Perhaps your staff do not know exactly what tasks they are held accountable for. Have you told your people that you love them lately? Always finding fault is a bad way to go. Maybe you have not done the proper training yourself.

We also hear the greatest moaning and groaning from repair shop owners about their people. Particularly the issue is in finding and keeping them.  Our People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive series is the cure for the pain in finding and retaining people.

Jim Rykman wrote us this note about the first People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive series:

Your work (Norm and Gary) is absolutely top-notch. Most of us got in the business to wrench, not to PAHR. What a massive mind-shift you have caused in me.   

What will be your shop’s story?  Come listen and then decide to join People / Auto Staffing Process Intensive webinar series, which starts March 3, 2015!

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About Showcase

Showcase is the Auto Shop Talk Show, for Independent Repair Shop Owners! Two Thursdays per month at 12 Noon CST, join Gary Gunn, AAM and other hosts LIVE to discuss issues that are important to you. If you can not attend live, the A/V files, links, and documents will be online FREE in this library. Don’t miss another episode! Register for upcoming Webinars here, or via our weekly Email Newsletter.


Showcase #159: The ‘IS’ of Bootcamp 3

Turnaround Tour ShopPros Showcase: What is Bootcamp Auto Repair Training?Is Bootcamp 3 for you?

  • Is Bootcamp for you?
  • Is Bootcamp worth the money?
  • Is Bootcamp worth the time investment?
  • Is Bootcamp going to propel my business?
  • Is Bootcamp right for you?
  • Is Bootcamp transformative?
  • Is Bootcamp shareable?
  • Is Bootcamp guaranteed?

Come and find out if the “IS” of Bootcamp fits your needs! If you are on the Bootcamp fence and almost ready to jump in, this Showcase is for you.

Put your boots on the ground! It’s time to get in shape – six weeks of LIVE training starts November 4th!

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