Rhythms of Auto Shop Ownership

Buddy Rich knew a thing or two about rhythm. Learn about ownership rhythm for your shop. Photo: Paul Spürk

Buddy Rich knew a thing or two about rhythm.

What does ownership rhythm mean? Before we answer that question, here’s another one. Do you find the auto repair shop owner position is becoming exhausting? It drains your energy, and soon you are practicing ownership rather than embracing it. Practicing ownership means being reactive instead of being proactive. When you practice ownership you are panicking when you run short of money. It means hiring any warm body you can find when someone leaves your staff. Practicing means doing the same thing over and over and then expecting different results (Practicing insanity!). Practicing means getting behind on the auto repair industry trends and not keeping up with today’s vehicle changes.

Okay Gary, we all get the drift! Instead of practicing, why not try to find the rhythms of auto shop ownership? Gain back the energy that you used to have and learn behavior patterns that work. Simply put, you must stop being exhausted and stop the endless energy drain that is practicing. Stop reacting, stop panicking, stop hiring warm bodies, stop expecting different results, and find your ownership rhythm.

An ownership rhythm can be systemic in nature and set a pattern to follow. You can see by now that what’s missing is an ownership system. Yes, as one wise person once said, “Anytime frustration reigns, there is a lack of a system.”

Learn the Top Ten Examples of Ownership Rhythm

    1. WOIT – Working on it Tuesday
    2. SMS – Staff Mentoring Sessions
    3. STS – Staff Training Sessions
    4. SPS – Staff Potential Sessions
    5. SBS – Staff Behavior Session
    6. DTM – Daily Toolbox Meetings
    7. MT – Maker Time
    8. BT – Bench Strength
    9. ABR – Always be Recruiting
    10. BFP – Budgeting for Profit

What’s easy to do, but also easy not to do? Adopting, adapting, learning, implementing, and embracing. Take the time and buy in to using, continuing, and making these rhythms happen.


Stunner Auto Fix

Scooter Gennett was a stunner in 2017. Is your auto repair shop next?

Photo: NewJack984

In the sport of baseball, something is always bound to happen that is just beyond words – a stunner, if you will.  Such is the story of Scooter Gennett’s four home runs in one game while playing for the Cincinnati Reds franchise. He is in very prestigious company. Tuesday June 6th, 2017 is when he became only the 17th player to accomplish the feat in Major League Baseball’s history. Also, he became the only Major Leaguer who has achieved five hits, four homers, and 10 RBIs in a game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Scooter is merely a 5’10”, 185 pound infielder who, in entire seasons past, barely hit four home runs. In fact, for his entire major league career going into that game, he had only hit 38 homers. Then, in just one day, Gennnett became the 7th player to hit homers in four consecutive at-bats during any single game.

Can your auto repair shop achieve stunner results like these?

What does all of this have to do with auto repair? Great question! During my coaching career, I have often witnessed stunner results when a shop implements mission critical operations improvements. I have witnessed technicians start producing amazing hours after attending our Front of the House Workshop and participating, somehow a light comes on and they start producing more hours that is a stunner like Gennett’s.  How about the service advisors doubling their individual sales as well and shops moving from 50K per month to 120K very stunning, why?

Stunner automotive fix-its are yours for the taking. We can offer a few ideas to implement them. Learn to be a professional presenter. Fill your parking lot full of cars when you become a “now” company. You must create a sense of urgency with all of your customer transactions. Plus, there are six levels of breakthrough:

  1. Hear it
  2. Explore it
  3. Discover it
  4. Believe it
  5. Apply it
  6. Execute it

Contact us today to learn more and put these principles into practice.


Weird Wednesday Auto Fix

Having some weird problems in your auto repair shop?Rhett Smith of Jim Smith’s Garage in Westminster, SC has a story called “Weird Wednesday”. You might just want to share this post! Yesterday, a customer called about his PT Cruiser. He said his water temperature was good as long as he was moving. The car’s temperature would rise whenever he stopped. I immediately thought his vehicle’s cooling fans went bad. I asked him if now would be a good time to bring in his car. He brought the car in at 2pm. He hovered over us as we checked the engine.

The clutch fan assembly was bad. We asked him for his name so that we could give him an estimate. He was very alarmed that we wanted his name, and would not give it to us. Being courteous people, we gave him a verbal estimate. However, we could not give him a written estimate because we had no name to write on it. He then told us he wouldn’t be back, since he now knew what was wrong. He was going to get it repaired at another shop for a cheaper price.

What would you say at this point? Tim shut the hood and he drove off into the sunset.

The big takeaway from Weird Wednesday

Rhett didn’t make much money on this encounter. Just like with a fish, you want to keep, not catch and release. Watch out! This guy maybe coming your way soon.

Practice your “bring it in now” business model whenever you can. Play the percentages that will make you more money. If this happens to you, just smile and thank them for the opportunity to help them.

Every time the door opens or the phone rings a surprise is waiting to happen. The next time a PT Cruiser pulls into your driveway, just remember this story Rhett shared with us all.