Let Down Leadership Behavior

The Oceanos ship in 1986. Does this story illustrate some of your leadership behavior?

The Oceanos ship in 1986.

On August 4, 1991, the MTS Oceanos cruise ship ran into a terrible storm off the coast of South Africa. When the ship began to sink, the captain decided to abandon ship and left with his officers, failing to notify those on-board of any problems. This was very interesting behavior; This captain was not going down with the ship. Passenger Moss Hills, a British musician, noticed that something was wrong and sent out a Mayday signal to the South Africa coast guard. Very good behavior by Moss!

Moss then took matters into his own hands. He, his wife Tracy, and other entertainers on board helped organize the evacuation of all passengers. They did this by assisting them as they were lifted into helicopters. Exceptional behavior by this entire group of people!

Sometimes those we look to for leadership can let us down.

As automotive shop leaders we let down our team each time we allow unacceptable behavior. All staff members see unacceptable behavior. They wonder why you as the leader allow this to happen. It is giving all staff members the idea you’re weak and don’t care.

Let Down Behavior Checklist

  1. Joe comes in late 5-7 times per month
  2. Fred takes a very long lunch hour and comes back smelling like beer
  3. Susie calls in sick when not sick. All staff members know the routine
  4. James and Joe are having a turf war at the front counter
  5. Rudy, your best technician, is holding you hostage
  6. Rick does not respect the new service adviser
  7. You the leader have unacceptable behavior by letting unacceptable behavior continue in your business

I forgot to mention that I have learned leadership can be systemic. Yes that’s correct, it can be a system! Yes, that’s correct, it can be taught! Yes that’s correct, it will become a process when you learn how to un-puzzle leadership.

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Get Un-Puzzled and start Leading Systemically!

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