Leadership Made Beautiful

Jazz Trumpeter Miles Davis - an example of beautiful leadership

Jazz Trumpeter Miles Davis – an example of beautiful leadership

Early in his career, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock was excited to play in the quintet with Miles Davis. Davis was already a musical legend. In an interview, Hancock admitted being nervous. However, he described it as a wonderful experience since Davis was so nurturing. During one performance, when Davis was near the high point of his solo, Hancock played the wrong chord. He was mortified, but Davis continued as if nothing bad had happened. “He played some notes that made my chord right.” Hancock said.

What a shining example of leadership made beautiful!

Davis did not scold Hancock or make him look foolish. He didn’t blame him for ruining the performance. He simply adjusted his plan and turned a potentially disastrous mistake into something beautiful.

As leaders of our automotive shops and having our people play the music every day. They make mistakes: wrong chords, wrong parts, misdiagnoses, overpromising, forgetting, dropping the ball. It will happen. How we react is the key to leadership made beautiful. We need to learn from Miles about how to respond to the wrong chord.

  • Let’s learn as leaders to turn mistakes into teaching opportunities!
  • Let’s learn as leaders to turn wrong cords into finding a fix!
  • Let’s learn as leaders to turn wrong parts into right processes!

Auto repair shop owners, start practicing leadership made beautiful. I bet your day will improve. It will become more soothing, more under control, more satisfying and more enjoyable for your PEOPLE.

Draw a large triangle on a piece of paper and label the base “people”. The left angle is “process” and the right angle “profit”. We call this our Three-P Triangle.  Without a solid base of “people”, “processes” and “profit” do not work.

Leadership made beautiful is turning mistakes into adjustments by playing the right notes.

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