“Knowing and Doing” Auto Repair

Knowing and doing are two different things!Knowing and doing auto repair is an interesting dilemma. Ready to learn about it? Keep reading.

The Chinese philosopher Han Feizi made this observation about life: “Knowing the facts is easy. Knowing how to act based on the facts is difficult.”

An American philosopher GG made these observations: “Knowing the facts is easy. Knowing how to execute what you need to do is difficult.” “Knowing when to hire and when to fire is the issue.” “Knowing how to build a budget and make profit becomes a challenge.” “Knowing how to move from business owner to business leader is troublesome.” “Knowing what business concept works best for you is a winding road.”

Are still with me? If so, great! In chapter 13 of the book Go For No, it talked about the willingness to fail. Statistically, only five percent of the population will be able to retire without assistance. Thirty-six percent will have already died, six will continue working, and a staggering 53 percent will be dependent on friends, relatives, government or charity for their survival. Who do you think gets to be the lucky five percent? You guessed it, the people who failed the MOST during their lifetime, that’s who!

While knowing and doing can lead to failure…that’s good…it can also lead to success.

Willingness to fail is the most important ingredient for success!

Some shop owners stumble over the knowing, by not doing. Some shop owners fumble the fixes, by not doing. Some shop owners get freaked out over knowing, and not doing.

It’s okay to know and not do. That’s a choice you will have to make. Most likely, it will create your destiny based on the statistics above.

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