Ironman Super Fix Auto Repair

Ironman swimmer triathlon athlete

An ironman triathlon athlete swimming.

Ironman is an international triathlon event consisting of running, swimming, and biking events. Athletes from all over the world gather in one place to complete a journey of 140.6 miles. They have just 17 hours to swim 2.4 miles, bike 120 miles, and finally run a half marathon of 26.2 miles. Though the best athletes in the world take part in this famous event, it is not just for the well known star performers. Ironman is available for anyone who dares and desires to train and test his or her physical and emotional endurance.

At the core, Ironman is a journey of perseverance, fortitude, stamina, determination, goal setting, and mind over pain. Only the toughest of athletes can make it through to the very end.

Are you an Ironman shop owner?

Auto repair shop ownership can be labeled similarly as “Ironman Super Fix Auto Repair” as well. Shops that consistently run over 140.6 hours of productivity per week, while open 17 hours per day. They swim in an average of 2.4 hours billed for each customer’s repair order. These businesses bike with an efficiency of 120% or better, then they run less than 26.2% on technician gross pay to achieve these numbers. Wouldn’t you agree that shops like this would undoubtedly qualify for the Super Fix Auto Repair trophy?

Are you tough enough? Please take this opportunity to fill out your own scorecard:

_____ Productivity per week
_____ Hours shop is open per day
_____ Billed hours per customer repair order
_____ Technician work efficiency
_____ Technician gross pay of labor sales

Are you not in your best physical shape? Hey, it’s not too late! Start training now and make the trip to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on October 14, 2017. I will not be competing, so best of luck to you!

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