Instant Fix…Is it Possible?

Is there such a thing as an auto repair shop instant fix?I remember when the Polaroid SX-70 camera was introduced in 1972. It was the instant fix that revolutionized photography. An article by Owen Edward in Smithsonian magazine described the camera as “a miracle of physics, optics and electronics.” I eagerly rushed to the store and bought this camera. When I snapped a photo, a blank square would emerge from the front of the camera and develop before my very eyes! How cool was that? I loved the speedy, immediate results. I coach auto repair shop owners to improve their businesses. My potential clients at events across the country ask, “How long will this take?” It sounds like they are looking for an instant fix, akin to the Polaroid SX-70.

During my recent trip to the Kansas City VISION trade show, I was sitting in classes given by various instructors. I found myself asking, “What are these attendees looking for? What are they wanting to glean from attending these classes?” Like the SX-70 instant fix picture, I believe they were hoping to gain a “silver bullet” that would revolutionize their businesses and careers. They were craving an instant fix.

Through my years of coaching automotive shop owners, I’ve come to believe we are all looking to find that the silver bullet. We’re looking for an instant fix, or a magic pill to create a successful business. Is it possible to find? I would answer that question “yes” and “no”. That sounds like a political answer to me. What about you?

Conclusion: Instant Fix “Yes” and “No”

I have come to discover it is a blending of all the silver bullets, instant fixes and magic pills to create your fix.

How does Turnaround tour (What is running through our logo?) help make this happen? How do we fit in? We have developed some unique implementation tools to take all your silver bullets, instant fixes and magic pills and bring them to reality. At Turnaround Tour ShopPros, we specialize in implementation. Bullets, fixes, pills – None will work until they are implemented.

Yes I still have my SX-70 camera….Do YOU?

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  • Ryckman

    Ha, so timely. We just talked about this wed on our 1 on 1 as I am seeking to understand the transition with in the group. Imho, America is a destination culture by nature not a journey culture. Both are gr8 and have their places but too much of either causes us issues. Over the years i remember friends who never completed tasks. They live on for ever UNDONE & as Richard Flint says, bogging us down 🙁 Likewise, racing for that “silver bullet” to fix all is a misunderstanding of the journey with which maturity comes.

    I’m working on enjoying and developing my “journey mentality” as that is not what comes naturally.

    Over the years I have come to see the emptiness of only enjoying the destination. It left me perpetually let down and looking for the next thing or high!
    Jim Ryckman

    March 28, 2014, 10:18 am permalink