“Help Wanted” Auto Repair

Help Wanted in your auto repair shop?“Help wanted” auto repair: Have you used this comment or used this sign? Have you advertised for help wanted? Have you told the tool truck drivers? The milkman? The auto shop teachers? Have you told your competitors? Have you told it online? Have you just given up?

Let’s zero in on front counter staffing for right now. What have you found is the best fit for you? Have you had experience with non-industry people? Technicians, ladies, young adults, gray-haired foxes, family members or anyone who can fog a mirror? If you are like most shops, you have tried many variations.

Turnaround Tour ShopPros has a great friend and alliance partner Norm Bobay, founder and owner of hireMAX. He was the kingpin, the lynchpin, the stabilizer and co-creator of our ASP People / Auto Staffing Process. I wanted to write this shop tip to give a huge thank you for all Norm’s help, expertise, unrelenting documents, TTI education, teaching us about competencies, motivators and behaviors. Norm, you have helped make us look so good. Thanks for your time and talent.

Here is a recent article I found very interesting about hiring people who can’t sell:

Quit Hiring People Who Can’t Sell

Sitting across the table, the CEO looked me in the eye and said, “My dad wasted a lot of money on assessments trying to find people who could sell. In our business, what I’ve learned is that about 2% of the people you hire can really sell. The rest can’t. The only way to really know is to put them on commission and see who performs.”

My dad wasted a lot of money on assessments trying to find people who could sell…

If you agree with him, then stop reading and click on to another website. But before you go, consider what would happen if we made other decisions that way.
For instance, what if your travel agent said, “Only 2% of airplanes can really fly. The rest of them end up crashing. The only way to know is to get on the airplane and take off.”

Or how about this from your stockbroker, “Only 2% of investments really pay off. The only way to find them is to invest in everything and see which ones go up and which ones fail.”

The fact is, there are characteristics that correlate statistically with sales success (regardless of industry or product). Start looking for these three, and quit hiring people who can’t sell.

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~ Dr. Phillip Shero, Ph.D, Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

Help Wanted? Want to know how to hire the right people?

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