Good Medicine Auto Service

Is anger hurting your repair shop's relationships? We've got the medicine for you!

Is anger hurting your repair shop’s relationships? We’ve got the medicine for you!

Good medicine auto service is a very simple concept for any auto repair shop owner to execute. It is so easy to do! However, it is also extremely easy not to do. It all starts with a cheerful heart. Let me share with you a story to help you see the full picture.

Road rage diffused

Careless driving, rising tempers, and use of foul language by taxi and minibus drivers are a constant source of traffic fights in Accra, Ghana. One traffic incident witnessed by Lawrence Darmani took a different turn, though. A bus was almost hit by a very careless taxi driver. He expected the bus driver to get angry and yell at the other driver, but he did not. Instead, the bus driver relaxed his stern face and smiled broadly at the guilty looking taxi driver. Amazingly, the driver’s smile worked absolute wonders. With a raised hand, the taxi driver humbly apologized. He then smiled back at the bus driver and moved away, as the tensions diffused.

A smile has a fascinating effect on our brain chemistry. Researchers have found that when we smile, it releases brain chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals actually have a physiological relaxing effect on us.

smile can diffuse an extremely tense situation. It can also diffuse the tensions within us.

Our emotions hurt us as well as others. Here’s some good medicine to heal that pain.

Anger, tension, or bitterness can threaten your relationships with both your staff members and customers. At times when this happens, it invariably helps to take some Biblical advice. The book of Proverbs says “a cheerful heart is good medicine”. This is always great advice to apply for the sake of your own joy and well being.

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