Are you going forward or in circles?

Is your auto repair shop business moving forward or in circles?Are you going going forward or in circles? I just had to ask that again.

A wrong direction is a wrong direction. Does that sound like double talk? It isn’t! You don’t make wrong decisions by accident. You make them because you want to make them. Now, you may not agree with the words, but they’re accurate. Every choice creates a path, which designs the direction. When the direction starts with confusion, it is wrong from the start.

Remember, you either go forward or in circles; there is no standing still…

– Richard Flint

Yes, I borrowed this from Richard’s Morning Minute. I felt this fits exactly what Bootcamp will do for you: Help you move you outside of your circle.

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Read what Rhett Smith Owner of Jim Smith’s Garage, had to say:

Rhett Smith of Jim Smith's GarageWhat a mindset this Bootcamp program has given me. I have had Saturdays off since 1970. But today I had an idea how to open Jim Smith’s Garage on Saturday. Have 2 technicians on staff, stagger them having Sun/Mon off instead of Sat/Sun. First, having bench strength & now this in the same week? Hmmmm…Reckon where this idea came from?

Thanks for helping me become a business leader.

I had never thought much about bench strength until we got together. Still didn’t think much about it. When I was reviewing my Bootcamp experience yesterday, it hit me….I’m going to have 1 brother retire in March, another in Sept 2014. My world could change drastically… I happen to remember one of my former garage competitors who closed his business to go work for the post office last year. He was sent home earlier this year when the p/o had a cutback & is now working out of his home. I’m going to go talk with him Friday, tell him what could happen here & try to get him on the bench. Joe is an ‘a’ tech & very reliable & competent. He’s about 45 with a family, very grounded.

The goal of this was that without your training, changing of the mindset, I would never thought of this. Strategic thinking…..Wow!

– Rhett Smith

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